Coverage Summary MOC* Policy / RA**
Athletic Injury Medical Expense Program     
AIME Student PAI for Prospective Athletics    
AIME Student Travel Accident       
Alliant Deadly Weapon Response Program    
Boiler & Machinery Program (auxiliary)    
Boiler & Machinery Program (campus)    
Builder's Risk Program    
Club Liability Insurance Program    
Club Sports Insurance Program     
Cyber Program All Layers     
Directors & Officers (AORMA)    
Drone Insurance Program    
Earthquake Parametric Property Insurance    
Fidelity and Crime Program    
Fine Arts, Artifacts and Archives Program    
Foreign Travel Insurance Program    
IDL NDI UI Program     
Inland Marine Program    
Liability Program (auxiliary)    
Liability Program (campus)    
Medical Professionals Malpractice Liability    
Non-Owned Aviation Program      
Owner-Controlled Insurance Program    
Participant Accident Insurance Program    
Pollution Liability    
Property Program (auxiliary    
Property Program (campus)    
Public Entity Physical Damage Program      
Rocketry Program     
Special Event Liability Program     
Student Travel Accident     
Trustees E&O / Fiduciary Liability    
Watercraft Insurance Program     
Workers' Compensation Program (auxiliary)     
Workers' Compensation Program (campus)    

*MOC - Memorandum of Coverage
** Policy / Reinsurance Agreement