Coverage Summary Policy / RA** MOC*
Athletic Injury Medical Expense Program  N/A  
AIME Student PAI for Prospective Athletics   N/A
AIME Student Travel Accident    Policy N/A
Alliant Deadly Weapon Response Program   N/A
Alliant Mobile Vehicle Program (AMVP) Policy N/A
Boiler & Machinery Program (auxiliary)   N/A
Boiler & Machinery Program (campus)   N/A
Builder's Risk Program  Policy N/A
Club Liability Insurance Program Policy N/A
Club Sports Insurance Program    N/A
Cyber Program All Layers    N/A
Directors & Officers (AORMA) N/A MOC included w/ AORMA Liab
Drone Insurance Program   N/A
Earthquake Parametric Property Insurance   N/A
Fidelity and Crime Program Policy  
Fine Arts, Artifacts and Archives Program Policy N/A
Foreign Travel Insurance Program    N/A
IDL NDI UI Program  N/A N/A
Inland Marine Program Policy N/A
Liability Program (auxiliary)   MOC
Liability Program (campus)   MOC
Medical Professionals Malpractice Liability    
Non-Owned Aviation Program     N/A
Participant Accident Insurance Program N/A N/A
Pollution Liability Policy N/A
Property Program (auxiliary)   N/A
Property Program (campus)   N/A
Public Entity Physical Damage Program     N/A
Rocketry Program    N/A
Student Travel Accident  Policy N/A
Trustees E&O / Fiduciary Liability   N/A
Watercraft Insurance Program    N/A
Workers' Compensation Program (auxiliary)    MOC
Workers' Compensation Program (Campus)     

*MOC - Memorandum of Coverage
** Policy / Reinsurance Agreement