California State University Risk Management Authority


The Chancellor's Office staff and representatives of Auxiliary Organizations within the CSU have been developing a systematic approach to managing risk exposures now prevalent across CSU campuses.

One avenue of reform has been to restructure the overall risk management program on a more collaborative basis. Special legislation was obtained to permit both the CSU as a state agency, and Auxiliary Organizations as separate nonprofit corporations, to create a quasi-public entity to establish and perform pooled group insurance and related risk management functions for the benefit of all who elect to join the new entity and to participate therein.

On January 1, 1997, the CSURMA was formed by the CSU and those qualified Auxiliary Organizations that opted to join with intentions to participate in the risk management programs to be offered by the Authority.

The CSURMA presently has several risk management programs in effect including the Pooled Liability Program, the Pooled Worker's Compensation Program, the IDL/NDI/UI Program, the Property Program, the Athletic Injury Medical Expense (AIME) Program and the Auxiliary Organizations Risk Management Alliance(AORMA) (refer to JPA Structure, Section C).

The first three programs are designed for participation by CSU campuses, the Property and the AIME programs are designed for both campus and Auxiliary Organizations participation, and the latter program for participation by only the Auxiliary Organizations.

One of the primary goals of the CSURMA is to develop a forum for the Auxiliary Organizations and the CSU to develop strategies that streamline and integrate the risk management practices of the CSU system.


Auxiliary Organizations Risk Management Alliance (AORMA) was established to provide group purchase comprehensive business insurance coverages for the CSU’s non-profit Auxiliary Organizations. Participation in the programs is voluntary. Coverages provided include liability, workers’ compensation, property, crime, unemployment insurance, auto physical damage, participant accident insurance and miscellaneous coverages.